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Bold Rings for Bold Women

Designed for bold women everywhere, these gemstone rings are bold by nature and bold by design.

Be Bold...Which one will you wear?

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About the collection

Our ready-to-wear collection features 15 gemstone rings, each attributed with their own unique meaning and name and inspired by the wonderful women in our lives.

Each Bold Ring is made with natural gemstones, expertly set in white, rose, and yellow gold.

Every Bold Ring bought includes a donation to the Women Supporting Women campaign for The Prince's Trust, helping young women in the UK get a better start in life and work.

Discover the meanings behind each ring below.

The Amour Ring

Pink tourmaline represents sympathy and a love of humanity, with the virtue of unconditional love and friendship. In fact, it radiates the highest amount of love of all the tourmalines.​ Meaning ‘stone with mixed colours’, many radiant colours can often be seen in one crystal. 

The Clarity Ring

Blue topaz symbolizes honesty, clarity of feelings, loyalty and deep emotional attachment, as well as promoting inner strength and a long lifeAs a gift, it can signal a desire for a committed romantic relationship or appreciation of loyal friendship.​  

The Fortune Ring

Lemon topaz​ was believed by the Ancient Greeks to be a symbol of strength. It is also associated with high self-esteem and good fortune, as well as love. It is a gemstone that strengthens one's confidence and trust in one's inner power and abilities.​ 

The Serenity Ring

Aquamarine is thought to bring youthfulness and reduce stress. It is also protective during pregnancy. The gem evokes the serenity and relaxation of crystal blue watersSpiritually, it is associated with trusting and letting go, and was once believed to be the treasure of mermaids.​ 

The Envy Ring

Healing Peridot brings strength,  balance, peace and health by harmonizing the mind and body, while boosting creativity.​ Paired with powerful amethyst, meaning ‘not intoxicated’ all stresses are kept at bay – though we don’t promise this bold ring won’t inspire envy in others. 

The Prosperity Ring

Prasiolite is a stone of originality, healing and growth, inspiring you to venture into the world confidently to share your talents. With prasiolite energies working for you, all challenges become conquerable – maybe resulting in increased prosperity.  

The Devotion Ring

Tourmaline represents unconditional love, devotion and friendship while also encouraging artistic intuition. Paired with topaz, yet more loyalty and love are brought to the mix. In Hindu history, blue topaz is also said to protect homes and bring long life, beauty and intelligence. ​ 

The Power Ring

Powerful amethyst is believed to quicken intelligence and dispel bad thoughts, as well as alleviate stress, and encourage control over a busy mind. Legends reflect beliefs that the wearer will be clear-headed and quick witted in battles and business affairs.​  

The Radiance Ring

Citrine, meaning lemon, is said to be the vitamin C of the soul because it resonates with joy and positivity. It stimulates the joy of a sunny day making you feel optimistic about life​. Its healing energy helps you to release feelings of negativity, and to fight phobias. 

The Faith Ring

Pale green prasiolite is considered the stone of originality, and has qualities to promote spiritual healing, faith and growth. It is also believed to promote the best version of yourself and an intuitive capabilitywhich is coupled with love.​ 

The Poise Ring

Amethyst can bring poise to one’s thoughts – pushing away the bad feelings and allowing positivity to come in. It also enhances intelligence and is said to make the wearer quick witted. It is also useful in the prevention of over indulgence. 

The Desire Ring

Ametrine – a mix of amethyst and citrine– brings together the physical and psychic worlds. Citrine is wonderful for manifesting desires, and amethyst is a stone for the imagination, expanding the mind, instigating change and easing transition.​ 

The Ignite Ring

Prasiolite is created by immersing amethyst in white hot fire – changing it to a new stone. This gives it its meaning as a healing stone that ignites growth and change. But it is also believed to bring love, by inspiring the wearer to become more intuitive.  

The Harmony Ring

Bringing together amethyst and citrine, this dual gemstone ring harmonises the optimism of both. Citrine promotes healing and radiant sunny positivity to body and soul while amethyst repelbad thoughts and gives wearers the power to overcome negativity. 

The Resilience Ring

Amethyst brings resilience to those who struggle to relax or sometimes feel low, or who want to prevent overindulgence. It helps the wearer take control over their own thoughts, enabling them to keep unhelpful feelings at bay and find inner strength.