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Selecting the colour metal can be confusing. If you’re choosing for someone else, a good way to start is by looking at what they already wear – then think about their lifestyle and the design you have in mind. The same applies if it’s for you.

White Gold

A mixture of gold, nickel, copper and zinc, white gold holds a beautiful pale, silvery colour that compliments a diamond’s natural sparkle. This metal is durable but will slowly wear over time, meaning you occasionally may need to visit your jeweller who will help you re-plate or re-coat your jewellery (a simple, low-cost process).

Rose Gold

A mixture of gold, nickel, copper and zinc, rose gold is a popular, rosy shade of gold. This warm and flattering colour is unique and feminine, making it a contemporary choice for jewellery and engagement rings. Like all gold jewellery, rose gold will need some care and maintenance over time to ensure it retains its colour. However, it is a durable metal, making it a popular choice for diamond jewellery.

Yellow Gold

The rarest of all the metals, gold can be warm, lustrous and rich. Gold is a popular choice for jewellery, especially engagement rings and can vary in purity – measured in carats. Pure gold is measured as 24-carat, which is too soft to use in jewellery alone. You will find 18-carat, or 14-carat gold is more commonly used, which means it is mixed with other metals to add durability – this is also how you achieve other shades of gold such as white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.


The strongest and most durable of the metals, platinum is an excellent choice if you wish to wear your engagement ring, or other jewellery, every day, or if you have a very hands-on job. Platinum is very resistant to tarnish and scratches, making it a brilliant choice for diamond jewellery and engagement rings. This silvery-white metal compliments the sparkle of a colourless diamond, enhancing the appearance of the stone. Often more expensive than white gold or silver, platinum is a high polish, high resistant metal.