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We’re not on the high street. Our costs are low, process transparent, and prices fair, with valuation often higher than the price you pay for the jewellery. 


As part of our commitment to being with our customers for life, we provide a complimentary evaluation from a recognised and licensed jewellery professional with every purchase. Because we do not have high street showrooms, stores or the extra operational costs typically added to fine jewellery supply chains, we are able to charge our customers fair prices. This means, the valuation is generally higher than the purchase price of the jewellery. 

These valuation reports, along with our GIA reports are essential and well recognised among reputable insurance firms. They ensure our customers can get adequately insured for their jewellery in case of any unforeseen circumstances such as theft or loss. 

We hope this provides our customers with peace of mind, knowing they are not only being charged fair and honest prices but that their insurance cover is based on the valuation figure, rather than the lower purchase price of the jewellery.  

Insuring your jewellery 

Alicia J has partnered with T.H. March insurance brokers to allow Alicia J customers to insure their recently purchased item(s). As specialists in jewellery insurance and the premier Broker to the Jewellery Trade, T.H. March offers unmatched expertise and service.

All Alicia J customers can obtain a free online quote and arrange for an insurance policy to be set up immediately. This provides our customers with the option to have their jewellery protected, right from the point they receive it.