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Our Story

“Building a strong network of trusted suppliers and specialists has allowed us to oversee the sourcing and development of exceptionally high-quality diamonds and gemstones. We are committed to sourcing ethical, authentic diamonds for our valued customers at the best possible price".

Roshan, Co-Founder of Alicia J


I’m Alison Cooper, Co-Founder of Alicia J

I love fine jewellery. My career has frequently taken me to the Middle East, where I’ve enjoyed treating myself to beautiful pieces of jewellery. Over the years, I have learned a great deal about diamonds, gemstones and precious metals. 

I quickly realised that diamond prices in Europe’s high street stores are vastly overvalued compared to what I was paying in Dubai. I could also see that conventional shopping for diamonds and fine jewellery could lead to confusion and being overwhelmed by choice, resulting in the wrong purchase being made. 

Having run successful businesses before, I knew I could make a personalised bespoke fine jewellery service work. 

I also recognise that sometimes people want ready-to-wear styles, too, and I’ve made sure that our Alicia J collection is beautiful and ethical. 


I’m Roshan Kundwani, Co-Founder of Alicia J

I’m based in Dubai, UAE and originally from Mumbai, India, and have lived and studied in the USA. Dubai and Mumbai are centres for exceptional jewellery, re-selling the world’s finest natural diamonds and gemstones. India is the world’s jewellery market hub and its largest diamond cutting and polishing location. In both countries, I have built strong relationships with the best diamond cutting and polishing units, and the finest luxury jewellery workshops. I’m also a GIA qualified diamond and gemstone jewellery expert myself. 

I come from an entrepreneurial family, and understand business and logistics innately, having run several myself. My greatest joy is seeing customer satisfaction when we deliver our product with the best possible service. I never lose sight of that. We offer a lifetime’s feeling of trust to every customer, selling ethical jewellery that will last over a lifetime. 

I particularly love our signature luxury product – the diamond. I’m fascinated by the resources, people, time and effort it takes to mine a rough diamond and convert it into a perfectly cut and polished beauty. Carbon – the element which forms diamonds – can either be black and sooty or a sparkling gemstone. In life, we have the choice to be like coal or to strive to become a polished diamond. 

Founding Alicia J

“The idea for Alicia J began when a family friend was looking to buy an engagement ring and asked for my advice. He’d been quoted by a jeweller and was focused on getting the highest carat size for his budget. However, unknown to him, there are many other factors to consider when buying a diamond so together we sourced a much higher quality, higher value diamond, for a better price. 

I also noticed through my son that most 20-30-year olds were overwhelmed by the prospect of purchasing an engagement ring. I saw that those who do not fully understand the grading or valuation of fine jewellery could end up feeling exploited. I found myself continually offering advice to friends and family and soon became inundated with requests for bespoke jewellery. 

“I found myself continually offering advice to friends and family and soon became inundated with requests for bespoke jewellery.”

Inspired, I trained with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as a diamond and gemstone specialist to enhance the knowledge I already had. This helped me create an approachable and friendly tailored diamond jewellery concierge service which empowers the buyer with the knowledge to make an educated, quality purchase. I also knew I wanted to help people create more original and personalised designs. Together with my co-founder Roshan, we formed a business plan and Alicia J was born.” – Alison, Co-Founder of Alicia J 

“I found myself continually offering advice to friends and family and soon became inundated with requests for bespoke jewellery.”

I’m Jessica Swift

Here at Alicia J Diamonds, my job is to keep the social channels alive and exciting, full of stories and imagery of our beautiful jewellery. I also handle the myriad ways we talk about Alicia J to the world. The more people we can tell about our brilliant bespoke jewellery services the better. My personal motto is ‘If you believe you can achieve’ and this suits what I do. Researching upcoming jewellery trends is great fun, and I feel privileged to be involved in people’s most special life moments. 

I’m a fairly recent graduate, with a first-class honours degree from Bournemouth University in Business and Marketing. I have also spent two years with a successful and vibrant digital branding and marketing agency working across web design, social media and brand building, before joining Alicia J. 

My favourite gemstone is a diamond, which happens to be my birthstone. Diamonds are the hardest natural substances on earth so really are forever. They can be worn for decades and passed down to future generations and will still look exactly how they did when purchased – the perfect gift. 

My personal passions are travel and photography. I’ve been the person behind the camera since I was a young girl, capturing memories, landscapes and cultures around the world. I also enjoy art, fashion, and blogging, and you’ll occasionally find me waterskiing off the south coast of Cyprus, too.