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Jewellery care

Diamonds are the hardest natural substances on earth, but this doesn’t mean they are indestructible. 

Over time, diamonds can get dirty. This is partly because they have an affinity for grease and oils. They pick up oil from your hands and this attracts dust and dirt to collect on the oil. When a diamond is dirty it can appear dull and can cause inclusions (small imperfections) to become more obvious to the human eye.

Remove your jewellery
before taking a shower

When a diamond is exposed to oils from certain soaps and shower gels, it can cause a film to build up over time. This film attracts dirt which causes the diamond to appear dull. To ensure your diamond maintains its brilliance and sparkle over time, it is best practice to take it off and store it in a safe spot before showering

Remove your diamond jewellery when moisturising or applying creams

They may be great for your skin, but your daily moisturiser, sun cream and lotions aren’t so great for your jewellery. Like oily soaps, creams and lotions can cause build-up and dull your stone over time. To avoid this from happening, remove your ring when applying creams and lotions and wait until your hands are completely dry before popping your ring back on.

It is also a good idea to avoid perfumes, hairspray and makeup from coming into direct contact with your jewellery as over time this can tarnish the prongs, clasps and bands which hold the diamond in place.