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10 Romantic Proposal Ideas We Love

Asking someone to marry you is probably the most important question you will ever ask – and the most nerve-wracking. You want it to be the perfect proposal that matches your loved one’s expectations, while also giving them a wonderful and unexpected surprise.

We’re here to help. Read on for our top 10 romantic proposal ideas to assist in your quest for the very best way to pop the question.

1. Holiday proposal

Holiday proposals are popular, unsurprisingly. You’ve usually got a backdrop of gorgeous scenery, a relaxed atmosphere, maybe some exotic cocktails – so getting down on one knee on holiday is a truly romantic way to propose. Plus, it then offers a great excuse for a return visit. We suggest that you book a trip to somewhere on both of your bucket lists. Perhaps a secluded beach holiday, so you can propose at sunset against the lapping waves – or, if you’re more outdoorsy, a hiking holiday so that you can propose on a mountain top. Alicia J favourite locations include Capri, the Greek islands, and Krakow in winter – a beautiful fairytale-like city in the snow. Wherever you choose, make sure you’re clued up on your partner’s favourite location (not just yours) so you can make the proposal as perfect as possible.

Alicia J top tip: Try to outsource as much as you can to your hotel before you get there. Hotel concierges can help figure out all the details including location, activities and even capturing the moment by hiring professional photographers.  That way, when you arrive, there are elements already planned and arranged, leaving you more time to relax with your partner.

2. At home proposal

Maybe you’re thinking about getting down on one knee, but aren’t someone who likes public attention. A home proposal is a great option for an intimate environment that will still give your partner the amazing story they deserve. You can be as creative as you like at home, whether that’s spelling the question out with a sign, or by calling on the help of your children or loveable pets with clever tokens to assist in asking the question. We say, make an effort in some way – with a special meal, or Champagne, and some sort of memorable gesture. A home proposal also allows you and your partner to enjoy your special moment for a while before letting the world know your exciting news.

3. Recreate your first date

If your first date was memorably romantic and exciting, why not recreate the setting to pop the big question? We say harness that lovely nostalgia by rekindling beautiful memories of when you first got to know each other. That way, you’ll create a significant new memory around the setting, too. This proposal idea will be truly unique to you both. It’s a good romantic starting point as you’ll be able to reminisce over your happy relationship and how much you have grown together as a couple.

4. Fake photo proposal

Ever wondered how some couples take amazing proposal photos just at the right time? A fake photo proposal can get you just that. Head to a scenic spot or simply somewhere special to you and your partner. Ask someone to take a photo of you both, but instead of posing for the camera, pull out a ring and get down on one knee; your partner’s reaction will then be captured forever. Sneaky, but in a romantic way!

5. New Year's Eve proposal

New Year’s Eve is a celebration of love, hope and fresh starts, and we can’t think of a better evening to ask the person you love to spend the rest of their life with you. You could wait until the bells ring out at midnight to propose to your loved one, or create a photo album and fill it with the memories you’ve created together over the years. You could even incorporate your Christmas tree with your very own personalised bauble – or give a gift that’s actually an engagement ring. There are hundreds of romantic proposal possibilities at this time of year.

6. Get friends and family involved

Proposing with all your friends and family around you can be a great way to include everyone you love in your engagement celebration. It’s also a perfect preview of the excitement you’ll experience on your wedding day. We love the idea that you can surprise your loved one more than once in just a matter of seconds. For example, you could propose in a private, intimate atmosphere, then, after they’ve said ‘yes!’, have family and friends ready with Champagne and flowers nearby to continue the celebrations. If you both have a close relationship with family and friends, this can take your proposal to the next level.

7. Scrapbook proposal

If you and your partner have had years of amazing memories and life events together, a personalised scrapbook is the perfect way to encapsulate all those special moments, which got you to where you are now. Fill the book with photos, tickets from events, and any keepsakes from dates and daytrips. The last page can read ‘Will you marry me?’ A lovely bonus idea is to have a blank page or two to the story book, ready to add photos after the proposal.

8. Foodie proposal

They say that the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. If you and your partner’s shared love is all about food, then go for a foodie proposal. A private cooking course is a unique proposal idea, also giving you both a chance to do something interesting and new. Or get creative and spell it out on a custom-made cake. Our advice, though, is to not actually put the ring in the food as this could be a literal recipe for disaster if your partner doesn’t see and takes a big bite!

9. Scavenger hunt proposal

If you want to be creative, and your partner relishes a challenge, a scavenger hunt might just be for you. Use your relationship in-jokes to build a treasure hunt by scattering clues that lead to a new location until it finally leads your partner to the ring. To make things extra special, ask for the help of family friends in delivering clues.

Alicia J Top Tip: For a scavenger hunt proposal, make sure you plan first. The aim is to lead your partner on a guided tour of your relationship towards a very special goal. Try to ensure the clues are clever, but simple enough so it doesn’t leave your partner scratching their head in frustration, as this can dampen the experience.

10. Beach at sunset proposal

A trip to the beach, with the sand between your toes and the waves gently rolling on the shore, can be very romantic. A beach proposal is one your partner will picture for ever. Popping the question on the beach can be a little challenging. It’s just you and your partner, and you want to make it memorable. Be sure to do some planning beforehand. Maybe visit a few beaches first so you have a good spot in mind before the actual proposal. You could prepare a wonderful picnic, or perhaps take a short boat trip. If you’re looking for something different, plan to leave a message in a bottle, then invite your partner to pick up the bottle and pretend you’ve never seen it before. It’s a wonderful surprise that they’ll never see coming.

Have you got any unique proposal ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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How to drop the hint about your dream engagement ring

Your engagement ring is the most important piece of jewellery you will ever own. Hopefully, you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life, so it is important that you truly love it. Whether you and your partner have openly discussed the prospect of a proposal or you simply have a hunch it’s coming, it’s time to drop some serious hints about the ring.

It is increasingly encouraged for couples to be transparent about the engagement ring buying process. We are seeing more couples openly discussing their options so that the bride gets the ring she loves, and unnecessary stress is avoided. After all, it’s an expensive investment that needs careful consideration.

However, we also know that you may not be comfortable with being upfront with your partner about the ring you want, or you think your future husband would want the whole thing to be a surprise. That’s OK, too, of course. It just means it’s time to begin hint dropping!

Here are our top tips for giving your significant other a loving nudge in the right direction to ensure you get the ring of your dreams:

1. Enlist a trustworthy friend

A trustworthy friend, sister, cousin or whoever you think he might go to for help to be a part of your secret mission, is an important ally. Make sure they have all the details about the ring you want, from the diamond shape to your preferred metal. Provide them with pictures and detailed descriptions, including your ring size (very important). This way, when the time comes, you can trust he will have the information to get it right first time.

2. Nudge him in the direction of an expert

The basics, such as how you want the ring to look, are pretty easy to hint at. However, there are other details that need to be considered when buying a ring, some which you may not even be fully aware of. For example, the 4 Cs. Understanding the 4 Cs (cut, carat, clarity and colour) is a must when buying an engagement ring, as there’s more to diamonds than just carat weight. Men often pick the biggest ring they can afford, but trust us when we say bigger isn’t always better. Encouraging your partner to seek the help of an expert like Alicia J Diamonds when the time is right is a great way will mean he gets all the help he needs, doesn’t get exploited in the process and secures the best possible ring for his budget. Try saying something like, ‘My friend’s fiancé went through a company called Alicia J to design her engagement ring and he said they made the whole process really simple, and she had a beautiful bespoke ring by the end of it!’

3. Subtly show him examples

If you have seen a beautiful engagement ring on someone else, such as a celebrity, close friend or someone you follow on Instagram, slide it into conversation and show him. You could say, ‘I love Karlie Kloss’s cushion-cut engagement ring,’ or, ‘Look at Jenny’s engagement ring – it’s so pretty; that’s the exact shape I’d go for, too.’

4. Pin it!

Pinterest is a brilliant source of inspiration for all things wedding, including engagement rings. Alicia J’s Pinterest is the perfect page to spark inspiration if you’re yet to decide on your favourite engagement ring style. Once you’ve got a clear image in your mind, begin to pin rings with the same look to a board. Try and be precise, by making sure every ring on your Pinterest board has the same metal and same diamond cut to make it crystal clear what you are after. Pinning multiple designs will only enhance confusion. Share the board with your partner either by link or if you want to keep the board private, by inviting them to be a collaborator. Or, show it to a friend or family member. Of course, if you’re trying to be really subtle, you can conveniently leave it open for him to catch a glimpse of.

Let us know if you try any of these hints out for yourself – or if you have any other clever ways of dropping hints. We’d love to hear about them in the comments section, below.

If you have any questions about designing your own bespoke engagement ring, we are always on hand for a friendly conversation – DM us on Instagram @aliciajdiamonds or email enquiries@aliciajdiamonds.com


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