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How to drop the hint about your dream engagement ring

Your engagement ring is the most important piece of jewellery you will ever own. Hopefully, you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life, so it is important that you truly love it. Whether you and your partner have openly discussed the prospect of a proposal or you simply have a hunch it’s coming, it’s time to drop some serious hints about the ring.

It is increasingly encouraged for couples to be transparent about the engagement ring buying process. We are seeing more couples openly discussing their options so that the bride gets the ring she loves, and unnecessary stress is avoided. After all, it’s an expensive investment that needs careful consideration.

However, we also know that you may not be comfortable with being upfront with your partner about the ring you want, or you think your future husband would want the whole thing to be a surprise. That’s OK, too, of course. It just means it’s time to begin hint dropping!

Here are our top tips for giving your significant other a loving nudge in the right direction to ensure you get the ring of your dreams:

1. Enlist a trustworthy friend

A trustworthy friend, sister, cousin or whoever you think he might go to for help to be a part of your secret mission, is an important ally. Make sure they have all the details about the ring you want, from the diamond shape to your preferred metal. Provide them with pictures and detailed descriptions, including your ring size (very important). This way, when the time comes, you can trust he will have the information to get it right first time.

2. Nudge him in the direction of an expert

The basics, such as how you want the ring to look, are pretty easy to hint at. However, there are other details that need to be considered when buying a ring, some which you may not even be fully aware of. For example, the 4 Cs. Understanding the 4 Cs (cut, carat, clarity and colour) is a must when buying an engagement ring, as there’s more to diamonds than just carat weight. Men often pick the biggest ring they can afford, but trust us when we say bigger isn’t always better. Encouraging your partner to seek the help of an expert like Alicia J Diamonds when the time is right is a great way will mean he gets all the help he needs, doesn’t get exploited in the process and secures the best possible ring for his budget. Try saying something like, ‘My friend’s fiancé went through a company called Alicia J to design her engagement ring and he said they made the whole process really simple, and she had a beautiful bespoke ring by the end of it!’

3. Subtly show him examples

If you have seen a beautiful engagement ring on someone else, such as a celebrity, close friend or someone you follow on Instagram, slide it into conversation and show him. You could say, ‘I love Karlie Kloss’s cushion-cut engagement ring,’ or, ‘Look at Jenny’s engagement ring – it’s so pretty; that’s the exact shape I’d go for, too.’

4. Pin it!

Pinterest is a brilliant source of inspiration for all things wedding, including engagement rings. Alicia J’s Pinterest is the perfect page to spark inspiration if you’re yet to decide on your favourite engagement ring style. Once you’ve got a clear image in your mind, begin to pin rings with the same look to a board. Try and be precise, by making sure every ring on your Pinterest board has the same metal and same diamond cut to make it crystal clear what you are after. Pinning multiple designs will only enhance confusion. Share the board with your partner either by link or if you want to keep the board private, by inviting them to be a collaborator. Or, show it to a friend or family member. Of course, if you’re trying to be really subtle, you can conveniently leave it open for him to catch a glimpse of.

Let us know if you try any of these hints out for yourself – or if you have any other clever ways of dropping hints. We’d love to hear about them in the comments section, below.

If you have any questions about designing your own bespoke engagement ring, we are always on hand for a friendly conversation – DM us on Instagram @aliciajdiamonds or email enquiries@aliciajdiamonds.com


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6 Reasons Why You Should Design Your Own Custom Engagement Ring

If you are reading this, you are most likely about to enter a new chapter in your life and propose – though, as times have moved on, you may also be the bride, who would like a say in what her engagement ring will look like.

An engagement ring is the most important jewellery purchase you will ever make, so it’s important to get it right. While there are thousands of beautiful engagement rings on the market, the best way to get the ring of your dreams is by designing it yourself.

If you’re undecided on whether to go for a ready-made ring or opt for the bespoke process, here are some points which explain why designing your engagement ring is the best decision you will ever make, whether you’re surprising your partner, or going to be wearing the ring yourself.

1. You're in charge

Designing a ring from scratch allows you to be involved in the entire process – start to finish. You can have complete autonomy on every detail including metal type, size and width of the band, height and shape of the diamond, the stone, engravings and any other personal touches you may wish to add. This ensures you get your dream ring, exactly how you want it, without having to compromise on quality or cost. However, as most people haven’t designed an engagement ring before, experts like us can help you narrow down the choices and styles as part of our gentle, helpful design process. We don’t expect you to come to us with the exact ring in mind (though some people do). We have hundreds of ideas up our sleeves to help you get the perfect personal ring for you.

2. It's personal

In our opinion, nothing marks a meaningful life moment like a bespoke piece of fine jewellery. Apart from anything else, it’s a forever piece. Not only does going bespoke allow you to add personal touches such as hiding a birth stone on the inside of the ring, or an engraving, or being inspired by a much-loved relative’s ring. You can tailor the design to your and your partner’s taste with elements that mean something special to you both. Being involved in the design process makes for a much more thoughtful, meaningful and special ring.

3. You can capture the bride’s personality

Designing your engagement ring is a perfect opportunity to let the personality of the bride shine through. If the bride is bold, fun and creative, choosing a coloured gemstone over a more traditional diamond is a wonderful modern way to tailor the design to the bride. This could be her birthstone, her favourite colour, or a gemstone that holds relevant meaning. If she prefers gold to silver, then that’s easily arranged – if she wants a particular shape diamond surrounded by her favourite gemstone, we can help. According to research from global fashion search platform, Lyst, searches for coloured stones have grown in popularity by 10% year on year. Going bespoke allows you to think outside the box to create something totally unique and tailored to the bride.

4. You can both be involved

These days, many of us are waving goodbye to old-fashioned engagement traditions. The past decade has seen a huge increase in female purchasing power, with the number of women buying their own engagement rings, or being involved in the process, sky rocketing. The beauty of the bespoke process is that it can involve both of you. This means the bride is not only guaranteed a ring she adores but she will be a part of design process – it’s a really lovely thing to do together. Designing such an important piece of jewellery together as a couple is a very special experience. It provides the opportunity to add personalisations that are meaningful to you two, to create not just a piece of jewellery, but a memory you will treasure forever. We advise speaking to Alicia J before you propose, then coming back with your fiancé to decide on the perfect ring together.

5. You can co-ordinate it with your wedding ring

When shopping on the ready-made ring market, many people fall in love with an engagement ring, but the options for the matching wedding band do not suit their taste – or vice versa. Designing your own ring means you can match it with the other ring in some aspects of the design. The two should interlock perfectly, which is easily achieved with a unique design – and they can be made together. Not only this but designing your wedding rings provides you with the option to co-ordinate your ring sets with your partner’s – something which is almost impossible to do when buying ready-made.

6. It will be one of a kind!

The biggest benefit of going bespoke is that your ring is one of a kind. Having a unique ring that is full of personal meaning is so much more special than ready made. Your engagement ring is the most precious piece of jewellery you will ever own, so why not make it original and personalised to you? Our customers often say the thing they love most is that their ring isn’t online for others to see. Instead, it is a unique, sentimental piece shared between just them and their partner that comes complete with the story of how it was chosen and made.

If you have any questions about designing your own bespoke engagement ring, we are always on hand for a friendly conversation – DM us on Instagram @aliciajdiamonds or email enquiries@aliciajdiamonds.com



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