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The Ultimate Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide – Alicia J Diamonds

Whether you're looking to treat yourself or a loved one this Christmas, a beautiful piece of jewellery is hard to beat. From bold gemstone rings to bespoke diamond pieces that will become treasured heirlooms in time, unwrap our favourite jewellery picks for adding a little sparkle this festive season. 

1. Bold Gemstone Ring

Part of the Alicia J Diamonds ready to wear collection, these items are ready to ship and as a result they are perfect for last-minute gift ideas! The range come in an array of gemstones and as the name suggests they add a simplistic yet bold design to any look.  

Selecting a gemstone that means something to your loved one is easy with a bold ring; Citrine is particularly popular for Christmas as it offers a symbol of hope and happiness, bringing the wearer optimism and cheerfulness. It’s the perfect way to end a year and head into the new one.  

Price: From £1,500 - £3,000 

Lead Time: Ready to ship  

2. Diamond Stud Earrings

There’s nothing more classic than a pair of timeless solitaire diamond studs. These beautiful earrings can be worn on every occasion and treasured for years; the perfect universal gift that the receiver is sure to cherish. Whether you are treating your sister, girlfriend, wife, mother or friend, these solitaire studs will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. They are a true legacy piece that can also be passed on to future generations, making them even more special. Alicia J Diamonds can help you select the best diamonds for your budget, ensuring you get a standout gift for your loved one.  

Price: From GDP £3,500 (depending on the 4Cs) 

Lead Time: From 3 weeks 

3. Engagement Ring

Christmas or New Year are both wonderful times to propose, with the magic of Christmas and the excitement of the New Year adding an extra special something to any proposal. A bespoke diamond or precious gem engagement ring from Alicia J Diamonds will make the proposal even more memorable. As the ring is custom made and completely bespoke, extras and meaningful touches can also be added with birthstones, initials, names or coordinates added for a truly unique design.  

From choosing the cut of the diamond, the setting of the stone, the precious metal for the ring and additional extras such as a diamond halo or an added gemstone, Alicia J Diamonds pride themselves on their unique service offering a full education and advice for every groom to be.  

Price: Starting from GDP £5,000 (dependent on the 4c’s) 

Lead Time: from 3 weeks  

4. Tennis Bracelet

For the sophisticated woman in your life, show her how much she means to you with a classic diamond tennis bracelet - the perfect Christmas present. For an even more unique gift the bracelet can be personalised by swapping out one of the stones for a birthstone or other precious gem.  

As the hardest natural substances on earth, diamonds will be worn and treasured for decades and passed down for future generations making this a treasured heirloom that will mean the world to the person who receives it.  

Price: Starting from £3,000 (depending on the 4c’s)  

Lead Time: From 3 weeks 

To begin creating your bespoke piece of jewellery in time for Christmas email enquiries@aliciajdiamonds.com or visit our Bold Rings collection to shop our ready to wear rings.


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10 Romantic Proposal Ideas We Love

Asking someone to marry you is probably the most important question you will ever ask – and the most nerve-wracking. You want it to be the perfect proposal that matches your loved one’s expectations, while also giving them a wonderful and unexpected surprise.

We’re here to help. Read on for our top 10 romantic proposal ideas to assist in your quest for the very best way to pop the question.

1. Holiday proposal

Holiday proposals are popular, unsurprisingly. You’ve usually got a backdrop of gorgeous scenery, a relaxed atmosphere, maybe some exotic cocktails – so getting down on one knee on holiday is a truly romantic way to propose. Plus, it then offers a great excuse for a return visit. We suggest that you book a trip to somewhere on both of your bucket lists. Perhaps a secluded beach holiday, so you can propose at sunset against the lapping waves – or, if you’re more outdoorsy, a hiking holiday so that you can propose on a mountain top. Alicia J favourite locations include Capri, the Greek islands, and Krakow in winter – a beautiful fairytale-like city in the snow. Wherever you choose, make sure you’re clued up on your partner’s favourite location (not just yours) so you can make the proposal as perfect as possible.

Alicia J top tip: Try to outsource as much as you can to your hotel before you get there. Hotel concierges can help figure out all the details including location, activities and even capturing the moment by hiring professional photographers.  That way, when you arrive, there are elements already planned and arranged, leaving you more time to relax with your partner.

2. At home proposal

Maybe you’re thinking about getting down on one knee, but aren’t someone who likes public attention. A home proposal is a great option for an intimate environment that will still give your partner the amazing story they deserve. You can be as creative as you like at home, whether that’s spelling the question out with a sign, or by calling on the help of your children or loveable pets with clever tokens to assist in asking the question. We say, make an effort in some way – with a special meal, or Champagne, and some sort of memorable gesture. A home proposal also allows you and your partner to enjoy your special moment for a while before letting the world know your exciting news.

3. Recreate your first date

If your first date was memorably romantic and exciting, why not recreate the setting to pop the big question? We say harness that lovely nostalgia by rekindling beautiful memories of when you first got to know each other. That way, you’ll create a significant new memory around the setting, too. This proposal idea will be truly unique to you both. It’s a good romantic starting point as you’ll be able to reminisce over your happy relationship and how much you have grown together as a couple.

4. Fake photo proposal

Ever wondered how some couples take amazing proposal photos just at the right time? A fake photo proposal can get you just that. Head to a scenic spot or simply somewhere special to you and your partner. Ask someone to take a photo of you both, but instead of posing for the camera, pull out a ring and get down on one knee; your partner’s reaction will then be captured forever. Sneaky, but in a romantic way!

5. New Year's Eve proposal

New Year’s Eve is a celebration of love, hope and fresh starts, and we can’t think of a better evening to ask the person you love to spend the rest of their life with you. You could wait until the bells ring out at midnight to propose to your loved one, or create a photo album and fill it with the memories you’ve created together over the years. You could even incorporate your Christmas tree with your very own personalised bauble – or give a gift that’s actually an engagement ring. There are hundreds of romantic proposal possibilities at this time of year.

6. Get friends and family involved

Proposing with all your friends and family around you can be a great way to include everyone you love in your engagement celebration. It’s also a perfect preview of the excitement you’ll experience on your wedding day. We love the idea that you can surprise your loved one more than once in just a matter of seconds. For example, you could propose in a private, intimate atmosphere, then, after they’ve said ‘yes!’, have family and friends ready with Champagne and flowers nearby to continue the celebrations. If you both have a close relationship with family and friends, this can take your proposal to the next level.

7. Scrapbook proposal

If you and your partner have had years of amazing memories and life events together, a personalised scrapbook is the perfect way to encapsulate all those special moments, which got you to where you are now. Fill the book with photos, tickets from events, and any keepsakes from dates and daytrips. The last page can read ‘Will you marry me?’ A lovely bonus idea is to have a blank page or two to the story book, ready to add photos after the proposal.

8. Foodie proposal

They say that the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. If you and your partner’s shared love is all about food, then go for a foodie proposal. A private cooking course is a unique proposal idea, also giving you both a chance to do something interesting and new. Or get creative and spell it out on a custom-made cake. Our advice, though, is to not actually put the ring in the food as this could be a literal recipe for disaster if your partner doesn’t see and takes a big bite!

9. Scavenger hunt proposal

If you want to be creative, and your partner relishes a challenge, a scavenger hunt might just be for you. Use your relationship in-jokes to build a treasure hunt by scattering clues that lead to a new location until it finally leads your partner to the ring. To make things extra special, ask for the help of family friends in delivering clues.

Alicia J Top Tip: For a scavenger hunt proposal, make sure you plan first. The aim is to lead your partner on a guided tour of your relationship towards a very special goal. Try to ensure the clues are clever, but simple enough so it doesn’t leave your partner scratching their head in frustration, as this can dampen the experience.

10. Beach at sunset proposal

A trip to the beach, with the sand between your toes and the waves gently rolling on the shore, can be very romantic. A beach proposal is one your partner will picture for ever. Popping the question on the beach can be a little challenging. It’s just you and your partner, and you want to make it memorable. Be sure to do some planning beforehand. Maybe visit a few beaches first so you have a good spot in mind before the actual proposal. You could prepare a wonderful picnic, or perhaps take a short boat trip. If you’re looking for something different, plan to leave a message in a bottle, then invite your partner to pick up the bottle and pretend you’ve never seen it before. It’s a wonderful surprise that they’ll never see coming.

Have you got any unique proposal ideas? Share them in the comments below!

Got a question? Email enquiries@aliciajdiamonds.com or DM us on Instagram @aliciajdiamonds


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How to drop the hint about your dream engagement ring

Your engagement ring is the most important piece of jewellery you will ever own. Hopefully, you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life, so it is important that you truly love it. Whether you and your partner have openly discussed the prospect of a proposal or you simply have a hunch it’s coming, it’s time to drop some serious hints about the ring.

It is increasingly encouraged for couples to be transparent about the engagement ring buying process. We are seeing more couples openly discussing their options so that the bride gets the ring she loves, and unnecessary stress is avoided. After all, it’s an expensive investment that needs careful consideration.

However, we also know that you may not be comfortable with being upfront with your partner about the ring you want, or you think your future husband would want the whole thing to be a surprise. That’s OK, too, of course. It just means it’s time to begin hint dropping!

Here are our top tips for giving your significant other a loving nudge in the right direction to ensure you get the ring of your dreams:

1. Enlist a trustworthy friend

A trustworthy friend, sister, cousin or whoever you think he might go to for help to be a part of your secret mission, is an important ally. Make sure they have all the details about the ring you want, from the diamond shape to your preferred metal. Provide them with pictures and detailed descriptions, including your ring size (very important). This way, when the time comes, you can trust he will have the information to get it right first time.

2. Nudge him in the direction of an expert

The basics, such as how you want the ring to look, are pretty easy to hint at. However, there are other details that need to be considered when buying a ring, some which you may not even be fully aware of. For example, the 4 Cs. Understanding the 4 Cs (cut, carat, clarity and colour) is a must when buying an engagement ring, as there’s more to diamonds than just carat weight. Men often pick the biggest ring they can afford, but trust us when we say bigger isn’t always better. Encouraging your partner to seek the help of an expert like Alicia J Diamonds when the time is right is a great way will mean he gets all the help he needs, doesn’t get exploited in the process and secures the best possible ring for his budget. Try saying something like, ‘My friend’s fiancé went through a company called Alicia J to design her engagement ring and he said they made the whole process really simple, and she had a beautiful bespoke ring by the end of it!’

3. Subtly show him examples

If you have seen a beautiful engagement ring on someone else, such as a celebrity, close friend or someone you follow on Instagram, slide it into conversation and show him. You could say, ‘I love Karlie Kloss’s cushion-cut engagement ring,’ or, ‘Look at Jenny’s engagement ring – it’s so pretty; that’s the exact shape I’d go for, too.’

4. Pin it!

Pinterest is a brilliant source of inspiration for all things wedding, including engagement rings. Alicia J’s Pinterest is the perfect page to spark inspiration if you’re yet to decide on your favourite engagement ring style. Once you’ve got a clear image in your mind, begin to pin rings with the same look to a board. Try and be precise, by making sure every ring on your Pinterest board has the same metal and same diamond cut to make it crystal clear what you are after. Pinning multiple designs will only enhance confusion. Share the board with your partner either by link or if you want to keep the board private, by inviting them to be a collaborator. Or, show it to a friend or family member. Of course, if you’re trying to be really subtle, you can conveniently leave it open for him to catch a glimpse of.

Let us know if you try any of these hints out for yourself – or if you have any other clever ways of dropping hints. We’d love to hear about them in the comments section, below.

If you have any questions about designing your own bespoke engagement ring, we are always on hand for a friendly conversation – DM us on Instagram @aliciajdiamonds or email enquiries@aliciajdiamonds.com


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What we do and how we do it

What we do?

In the simplest of terms, we make beautiful bespoke luxury jewellery. But what we do goes far beyond that.

Our diamond and gemstone jewellery service is as much about making you – the buyer, the client, the wearer, the person, the gift-giver – feel wonderful. By helping you design the jewellery and choose personalised elements in your piece, and by involving you in the process, you will feel you have been part of something. You become knowledgeable about your jewellery making you appreciate it even more.

We source outstanding ethical diamonds and gemstones at the best prices – and show you how we do this, talking through the properties of each stone so that you can learn about your own piece. 

At Alicia J we believe the design process should be just as special as the end product. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to put their own meaning into their jewellery. 

Whether you’re getting ready to design your engagement ring, or buying a present for a family member, we put you at the heart of the design and the creation process. 

We’re pulling back the curtains on the design process by sharing our diamond knowledge and gemstone expertise to ensure you can be 100% confident about your choice. And besides, who doesn’t love a little insider knowledge?

Being transparent is a huge part of what we do. From advice to price, you will receive honest guidance through every step of your purchase. 

How do we do it?

At Alicia J, our business has been built with you in mind every step of the way. You may have noticed we don’t have any high street showrooms, stores or extra operational costs. We operate online so we don’t add extra costs to our fine jewellery supply chains. Our fair prices result in the valuation generally being higher than the cost charged to the client. This is just one of the ways we work to put you at the centre of what we do. 

We start each journey in the same way – with the design process. There is a perfect piece of jewellery for every person and every occasion, and with you, we’ll create it during the design process. Our personal concierge service is all about making jewellery for you, with you. It’s a personal, unique experience for everyone.

Spark your imagination

For our first conversation, we can chat either over email or over a coffee, on a video call or in person. We will work around you to make the most of our time together. This is your chance to ‘think out loud’ (don’t worry: there are no stupid questions or ideas – we’re here to help). We will discuss likes, dislikes, timescales, budgets and more. Whether you have a specific idea, or you need inspiration via our mood boards, our consultation meeting explores all of the possibilities for your special piece of jewellery. 

Make it yours

Our skill is tailoring the ideas that emerge from the meeting to the lifestyle you show us. For example, if you lead a busy life, we may suggest setting your ring in a durable metal such as platinum, with a slimline design so your ring won’t get in the way of your active lifestyle. And if the piece of jewellery and your lifestyle is all about standing out in a crowd, we’ll tailor that information into your design, too. 

Whatever is important to you is important to us. We will discuss all of your options, allowing you to examine the choices and tell us what you like and what you don’t.

Together we will then decide on a winning design and finalise adjustments, size, personalisation options such as engravings, and any other finishing touches you wish to add. The excitement is tangible at this stage.

Craft your masterpiece

The final design is sent to our co-founder Roshan in Dubai to start the craftwork.  Even though your jewellery might be miles away, it’s always safe in our hands. Roshan oversees the process from start to finish to ensure your tailormade design is crafted to perfection.

All our diamonds are ethically sourced – we wouldn’t dream of having it any other way and neither would our customers. Every diamond above 0.5 carats comes graded by and with a diamond report from the GIA (The Gemological Institute of America) – an independent and internationally respected laboratory. Knowing the exact properties and source of your unique stones is proof of the finest quality ethical sourcing.

The big reveal!

When your jewellery arrives back at our HQ in the UK, we package it beautifully for you, and include diamond and gemstone reports and care instructions in this package. 

We also provide all our customers with a complimentary valuation from a recognised and licensed jewellery professional in the UK. We always follow our promise of excellent service right from the start through the end. 

Our co-creation process is at the core of what we do. We invite you to become the artist in your design. Once you have infused your own meaning onto your bespoke jewellery, the story behind the piece you’re creating becomes so much more powerful. These are pieces of jewellery that will be treasured forever.


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How to clean and care for your diamond and gemstone jewellery

Diamond and gemstone jewellery can need a little help to maintain its brilliance for eternity. At Alicia J, we want all of our customers to be able to enjoy their fine jewellery throughout their entire life, and then be able to pass it on the future generations.

Although diamonds are the hardest natural substances on earth, they are not totally indestructible. Diamonds have an affinity for grease and oils which means over time, they can become dirty. When a diamond is dirty, it appears dull. This not only takes away your diamonds sparkle, but it can cause inclusions (small imperfections) to become more obvious to the human eye.

With the correct care and knowledge, your jewellery can last a lifetime and beyond. Here are our top tips for keeping your precious jewellery in top condition.

1. Remove your jewellery before taking a shower

When a diamond is exposed to oils from certain soaps and shower gels, it can cause a film to build up over time. This film attracts dirt which causes the diamond to appear dull. To ensure your diamond maintains its brilliance and sparkle over time, it is best practice to take it off and store it in a safe spot before showering.

2. Remove jewellery when moisturising

 They may be great for your skin, but your daily moisturiser, sun cream and lotions aren’t so great for your jewellery. Like oily soaps, creams and lotions can cause build-up and dull your stone over time. To avoid this from happening, remove your ring when applying creams and lotions and wait until your hands are completely dry before popping your ring back on.

3. Keep jewellery away from perfumes

It is also a good idea to avoid perfumes, hairspray and makeup from coming into direct contact with your jewellery. Over time they can tarnish the prongs, clasps and bands which hold the diamond in place.

4. Remove your jewellery when swimming

Prolonged exposure to chlorine can damage and discolour the metal of your jewellery. It can also cause pitting corrosion on gold alloys which weakens the alloy and increases the likelihood of losing a stone. On top of this, cold water can cause your fingers to shrink, making it much easier for a loose engagement ring to slip off – so the ocean is also off-limits.

5. Store your jewellery

To keep your precious jewellery safe and in good condition for eternity, it must be stored correctly. Storing your jewellery in a clean, dry place away from extreme temperatures, humidity, direct sunlight and harsh chemicals will prevent your jewellery from deteriorating over time. Diamonds can also damage other diamonds, gemstones and metals which is why we recommend jewellery boxes with individual plush-lined compartments to avoid your jewellery becoming scratched.

Cleaning Your Jewellery At Home

The safest method for cleaning your diamond at home is to soak it in warm water and a gentle degreasing solution such as a mild soap or detergent.

  1. Leave it to soak for 15-40 minutes depending on how dirty it is.
  2. Once you have left it to soak, gently scrub the jewellery with a soft brush such as a toothbrush, focusing on areas that gather dirt such as under the stone.
  3. Finally, rinse with warm water and wipe with a lint-free cloth to remove any excess dirt.
As well as regularly cleaning your jewellery at home using the above steps, we recommend having your jewellery professionally cleaned at least once a year. This will keep it looking its best and ensure any signs of wear and tear are identified.

Looking for your own precious, one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that will be treasured forever? Browse our how it works section for an insight into our bespoke process.


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The Big Three – Why Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald are the most sought after gemstones

When someone thinks of gemstones, Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds will often spring to mind first. These 3 precious gemstones are referred to as the ‘big 3’ and remain the most sought-after gemstones in the world due to their hardness, rarity and beauty.

Ruby, Emerald, Sapphires and Diamond are the only gemstones categorised as ‘precious gemstones’. All others were referred to as ‘semi-precious’. This is in reference to their value, rarity, durability and beauty. A really fine Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald can actually be priced higher per-carat than a diamond, which automatically categorises these 3 as the ultimate-coloured gemstones.

We’re taking a look into the history of the big 3 and what it is that makes them so special.


Emerald is famous for its distinctive green colour. There are other green gems, like tourmaline and peridot, but emerald is the one that’s always associated with the lushest landscapes and the richest greens.

The first known emeralds emerged from the mines of ancient Egypt. Estimates of the earliest emerald mining came from about 3500 to 330 BC. Cleopatra was known to have a passion for emeralds and used it in her royal adornments. Ancient civilizations attributed all kinds of magical qualities to emeralds. Their beliefs took hold and spread through the centuries, enhancing emerald’s allure. Some people believed its green colour represented fertility and rebirth. Others believed you could see the future by holding an emerald under your tongue. Others thought wearing one would strengthen your memory, make you more eloquent, help you avoid evil spells, and reveal the truth of your lover’s statements. Emeralds were also used as antidotes for poisons and to prevent epilepsy in children.


Typically Sapphires are blues, so when the word ‘Sapphire’ stands alone it usually means the gem is blue. However, Sapphires can come in a variety of different colours including violet, green, yellow, orange and purple. These are considered fancy-colour Sapphires and will be designated by colour e.g “Pink Sapphire”.

The most famous historical sources are the Kashmir region, which straddles Pakistan and India, as well as Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Today, the major sapphire sources are Madagascar, eastern Africa, Sri Lanka, and Australia. Madagascar is the most significant source of good- to fine-quality blue sapphire. Thai sapphires are usually dark blue in colour, Cambodia supplies many fine-quality blue sapphires and Australia’s sapphires tend to be a dark to very dark bluish-green.

In ancient Greece and Rome, kings and queens believed that blue sapphires protected their owners from envy and harm.  In other times and places, people also believed sapphires had the power to guard chastity, make peace between enemies, influence spirits, and reveal the secrets of oracles.


Colour is the most significant factor affecting a ruby’s value. The finest ruby has a pure, vibrant red to slightly purplish red colour. In most markets, pure red colours are the most expensive and rubies with overtones of orange and purple are less valued.

Rubies have been treasured by both ancient and modern cultures as a precious gemstone known for its beautiful red hue and passionate sparkle. The most significant factor affecting a Ruby’s colour is its colour. The finest ruby has a pure, vibrant red to slightly purplish red colour. In most markets, pure red colours are the most expensive and rubies with overtones of orange and purple are less valued.

In Burma (a ruby source since at least 600 AD—now called Myanmar), warriors possessed rubies to make them invincible in battle. According to 13th-century medical literature from India, rubies were also believed to cure digestive disorders and bring health, wealth, wisdom, and love. People also believed that if you wore a ruby in a ring on the left hand or in a brooch on the left side, it would give you a magical ability to live in peace among your enemies. Overtime, many large rubies were mined and acquired by royal families around the world. These would include the, Black Prince Ruby and the Burmese Ruby Tiara for Queen Elizabeth.

So, why are Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies more sought after?

Emeralds, Sapphires, and Rubies (the “big 3”) are generally considered precious gemstones whereas most other gemstones are considered semi-precious. Precious gemstones are more sought after, and more expensive than semi-precious and there are several reasons for this. Firstly, Rarity. Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies are the rarest of all gems and therefore usually the most expensive. There are exceptions to this, as other rare gemstones with unusual colours or exceptional clarity can be more expensive. However, the general rule is that the big 3 are the most expensive and valuable gemstones.

Another factor that plays into the cost is their durability. Sapphires and rubies are among the hardest gemstones, ranking 9 out of 10 on Mohs hardness scale. Hardness refers to a stones ability to resist scratches. A Diamond is the hardest stone, ranking 10 on the scale. Having a higher Mohs rating means the gemstone is more durable, will scratch less easily, and be a stone with higher longevity. Emeralds rank 7.5-8 which is still more durable than some of the other popular gemstones e.g. amethyst (7), citrine (7), garnet (6.5-7.5), and tanzanite (6.5-7).

Want to learn more about the big 3 before investing? We offer all customers a complimentary consultation where we can discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each stone and answer any questions.

Get in touch by filling out a contact form, booking a virtual consultation, or simply chatting to us over our socials. Our diamond and gemstone experts will be happy to help.


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